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  1. When I post a tournament what are the total costs to use this web site and how do I receive payment from participants?

1. When I post a tournament what are the total costs to use this web site and how do I receive payment from participants?
  • Answer: You will post your tournament for FREE and will not incur any fees for use of the web site to promote your tournament. Your participants will be billed $2.00 each + credit card fees which are included in the total tournament cost upon registration (see example). These costs will be automatically be calculated within the posting form. The funds will be held in a Local Tournaments escrow account until such time as the host requests a transfer (see example).
2. If I sign up to participate in a tournament and become unable to participate, do I get a refund?
  • Answer: Each local tournament posted will be different. Often tournament hosts are bound by contract with the hosting facility. Each tournament should detail in the tournament specifics their policies for participation and cancellation. Make sure you read the sign-up specifics before completing registration. If you do not feel that the information is sufficient, then contact the tournament host for clarification. All cancellations should be coordinated through the tournament host.
3. What type of confirmation will I receive that I have been accepted for participation?
  • Answer: Participants will be paying for their tournament through a secured server and credit system, after which you will be sent a receipt of payment via email. Local Tournaments will send you a receipt for payment e-mail. And then you will receive a second email confirming your registration for the tournament or event. Within a week prior to the tournament, you should receive a packet of information from the tournament Host. If not, contact the tournament Host for status.
4. I want to host a tournament. How far in advance can I post a tournament for participants to sign up?
  • Answer: Local Tournaments does not specify any maximum or minimum number of days prior to a tournament for posting because each tournament is usually significantly different. We generally recommend a minimum of 3 to 6 months, and a maximum of one year.
5. If I sign up to participate in a tournament, what guarantees do I have that this is a valid tournament being promoted?
  • Answer: You should always be cognizant of the specifics associated with a tournament, i.e. national affiliations, local mission, Church sponsored, city sponsored, etc. If you're not familiar with the tournament, we recommend you contact the Host and /or Host facility to obtain more specifics.
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